Working Frm Home – IP Tracking

Working From Home – IP Tracking

As the end of 2020 draws near, some of us are still working from home. Although we now have the technology and schedules set up – and Zoom meetings galore. Tracking your hours and making sure your employees are working where they are meant to be, is a vital issue.

With the Citadel clocking in software, you can set clear IP clocking restrictions, so your employees can only clock where you set.

What is an IP Address?

IP address stands for internet protocol address. An IP is an identifying number that is associated with a single computer or computer network. Basically, it’s the number that your connection is registered.

In an office or home setting, each device will have its own identifying device number, but the IP address will be the same.

Therefore, for employers worried that their workers are simply taking their laptops and logging in from anywhere (pub, park, beach, friend’s house), you can make sure this isn’t the case.

IP Clocking Restrictions

With the Citadel IP Address Web Clocking Restriction, you easily configure the clocking restrictions, so employees only have access to their online Citadel account from a permitted IP Address.

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