Why time tracking is important for businesses

Why you need to stop using paper timesheets to increase efficiency.

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Many customers come to us because they need time tracking software to improve clocking accuracy, reduce the time taken to process clocking data for payroll, and  improve overall efficiency. Oh, and save money too!

Ditching paper time sheets makes financial sense

Save time on payroll processing
The larger your workforce gets, the more time consuming it is to process every time card. Then there's the time spent chasing the time cards that haven't been submitted on time. Plus the inevitable backwards and forwards between staff and managers querying times, pay rates etc. No wonder not many people look forward to doing the pay run.

With Citadel it's so much easier. You set the pay rates and rules by individual or department when you set up the system, the system then works all the time cards out for you ready for payroll. You don't have to chase up time cards anymore, staff can clock using the OB3000 clocking terminal which is a combined biometric fingerprint and proximity card and PIN terminal,  as well as web and phone clocking. The online dashboard shows who's clocked in and when. Time cards are edited and approved online.

“There had previously been paper timesheets which were not always accurate and were an unreliable method for recording hours. It was also extremely time consuming to go through them." is a typical customer comment.

Eradicate time fraud - save money on your wage bill
Most employees don't deliberately set out to defraud when they fill out their time cards. They may not remember exactly when they arrived or left, a few minutes in their favour might be added here or there. However the time soon adds up. And there may be others deliberately fiddling their time, their colleagues will know it. An automated time tracking system levels the playing field for everyone.

Biometric fingerprint clocking machines like the OB3000 also stop buddy clocking where colleagues clock each other in and out which can happen with punch clocks and card/key fob clocking.

As one of our customers puts it...“We have checked the manual timesheets against the ‘actual’ time and it is interesting how much rounding up goes on!!"

Improve management information
One or any number of managers and supervisors can be given selected rights to view and manage time card and other information - they don't even have to be in the office. Employees can also make holiday requests online which can be dealt with by line managers.

The Citadel system lets you store staff information such as contact details and national insurance numbers all in one place.  Better access to information across a business means less call on finance or HR time. It also means faster decision making, for example to bring in cover if staff don't turn up for work.

Getting started with Citadel attendance management

  1. Buy the OB3000 fingerprint clocking terminal/s you need from our store. If you order before 11:00AM Monday – Thursday you’ll usually get them next day by courier.
  2. When your clocking terminals arrive, sign-up online for your Citadel cloud subscription and follow the simple set up wizard to create an account and add your clocking terminal /s.
  3. Alternatively if you want to smartphone clock, simply sign-up for a Citadel cloud account today.
  4. The support team will get in touch to arrange a free follow-up training session to make sure your Citadel attendance system is working the way you want it to.

The first two clocking in terminal connections are included in your monthly subscription, subsequent connections are £10 per terminal per month. All our clocking in terminals come with a lifetime warranty.

Any questions, or if you'd like to request a free online demo to see how clocking in with Citadel could work for you, call 01761 410015, email us or click the chat icon.

Any questions? Call 01761 410015 or fill in this form.