2021 upgrade your clocking system

Why 2021 is the year you need to upgrade your clocking in system

A number of businesses still rely on a mechanical card clocking machine. These manual methods are reliable in mechanics, but can be a nightmare for lost data, ordering new clocking cards and more.

Instead with a cloud-based clocking system, you never need worry about losing money on labour again.

Here’s our reasons why 2021 is the year you upgrade your clocking in system.

Employee Time = Money

One of the main reasons for investing in a clocking system or time and attendance solution is to save money.

Money can be saved through payroll, resources and labour costs.

If you currently have someone who manually translates your rules and the manual clocking cards – this cost you money.

If you over or under pay employees due to clocking error – this cost you money

If you lose track of employee holiday, sickness or lateness – this cost you money.

A Citadel clocking system can help automate all this and more, saving you money.

Data = Good

On a manual clocking card, you get a date, time in and time out. You then have to manually enter these into a system, apply any overtime, rounding’s and grace and breaktime deductions.

This all takes time and resources away from your business. Most importantly, it allows for human error, which can cost you.

With a cloud-based clocking in system, you automate that data input! All your employees have to do is continue to clock in and out and the system does the rest.

Set your break times, rules and overtime rates and Citadel will automate your payroll data.

Best of all, the data is available in real-time, so you can always see how much labour is costing you and check payroll in an instant.

Stop Clocking Theft

‘Buddy clocking’ occurs when one employee asks another employee to clock in on their behalf. Or an employee takes it upon themselves to clock their friends in or out, so that their friends benefit.

This is time theft. And as we know, employee time costs you money.

With the Citadel clocking system, you can choose to use fingerprint clocking as your main clocking option. This biometric measurement irradicates any buddy clocking and ensures that whoever says they are on site, actually are.

For a health and safety perspective, this also stops possible future disasters, such as your fire roll call head count being off – or you believing people with the correct skill set and certifications needed are in, when they are not.

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