What to do if an employee doesn’t have an accurate timesheet

What to do if an employee doesn’t have an accurate timesheet?

*Dramatic Music Plays* The horror! It’s the end of the month, you’ve come to export your employee payroll data and a worker doesn’t have an accurate timesheet!

Before you go too far down the rabbit hole and commence a 1950’s style investigation – stop and check.

Is the timesheet simply missing a few clockings, or are the times reported gravely over or under the working norm?

If the case is the latter, it might be cause for concern of time theft, and a written warning given. If it’s the former, then your team can simply update the sheet and move on.

How to fix the timesheet?

Unless your employees work vastly different shifts week by week, checking back to last month’s timesheet and compare it/ fill in the blanks with the previous version work.

Do the total hours worked add to the same amount? Is the new timesheet in line with other workers in the same department? If yes, proceed with payment.

If you suspect the employee has totally new hours or has undertaken a host of overtime in the past month, try to get a written or verbal account of what hours the employee thinks they have done, then check against the sheet.

How to avoid overpayment in future

Ensure that Admins view and edit employee timecards as needed throughout the month. Not only will this mean no more manual checking, but once happy, an admin member can email the timesheet to managers for final approval before exporting the data to a CSV file for payroll input.

You can find out how to view and edit your employee time cards via the Citadel online help portal – here.

Find out more about our clocking systems here.

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