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Key features

Clocking in with Citadel

Flexible clocking. Choose one or any combination of our time and attendance system clocking options.

  • The OB3000 is one smart clocking terminal which combines, biometric fingerprint, RFID swipe card and PIN clocking.
  • Store and forward - clock in even if there's no network connection for your terminal. There's battery back-up too.
  • WiFi or LAN connection.
  • Lifetime warranty on your clocking terminal.
  • Free smartphone clocking app for iPhone and Android.
  • Web clocking.

Managing time cards and payroll

Accurate payroll, saves time and money. View and manage time cards in your Citadel cloud account. Once everything is signed-off it's easy to export pay data as a .CSV file.

  • Set up pay rates, overtime and other rules and the Citadel attendance software works it all out for you.
  • It's easy to edit time cards, for example to add missed clockings.
  • Employees can email their time cards. Supervisors can email time cards to employees and other supervisors.
  • Employees can view time cards online.
  • The pay period report exports data as a .CSV file for uploading to your payroll software or bureau.
  • Store your staff contact details.
Time and Attendance


Setting up rules makes it simpler to track hours worked. Once pay and overtime rules are set up in the system, the Citadel attendance software works it all out for you.

  • Set rules at employee, department and company level.
  • Unlimited overtime rules.
  • Unlimited break rules paid and unpaid.
  • Unlimited pay codes.
  • Department transfers make it simple to allocate time to cost centres.
  • Grace and rounding - specify the amount of grace and rounding that will be applied when employees clock in or out.

Help and support

We're with you all the way. We want you to get the most from your Citadel system.

  • The Citadel set-up wizard makes getting up and running quick and easy.
  • We'll arrange a follow-up online session with you just to check everything is working the way you want it to.
  • Access to our friendly UK-based helpdesk team is included in your monthly subscription - not extra!
  • There's plenty of online help too.
  • All your clocking data is securely hosted in the UK.

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Citadel time and attendance

The flexible cloud-based attendance solution - OB3000 biometric fingerprint, RFID and PIN clocking terminal. Web and smartphone clocking in.