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Empower your teams with time and attendance solutions

Citadel by Chronologic is a Time and Attendance system that enables you to manage and track your employee's hours worked in real-time.

There's no software to download, install or update and access to your cloud account is available from anywhere, at any time.

Why do you need a Time and Attendance system?

Employees clocking in and out manually ensure they are only paid for the work they do. If they don't show or are late, the system will track their attendance in real-time, and report this data on the payroll report - meaning you don’t overpay your employees.

Another benefit of automated Time and Attendance records is the ability to minimise the strain on HR, by automating payroll data and offering self-service options for functionality such as holiday requests.

Citadel payroll reports are direct feeds gathered by our clocking options. Whether you choose Biometric clocking, smartphone app, web or more, our system is designed to help you prevent employee time theft and buddy clocking.

Admin can quickly:

  • Create unlimited overtime rules and pay codes for different shifts, departments or sites.
  • Set multiple break policies – choose paid/unpaid breaks and enjoy the option of break blocking, so employees stay in regulation.
  • Create pay rules for individuals, departments or everyone in the company.
  • Set weekly, bi-weekly & monthly pay periods.
  • Export clocking data for easy payroll input.
  • Public holiday rules – set and leave, auto-recurring if enjoyed annually.

Operations can easily:

  • Enable site/job transfer for hourly breakdowns and time tracking.
  • View quick reports for departments, hours, individual or gross pay so you can see what costs what.
  • Edit timecards for missed clocking.
  • Set employee early/late policies as well as shift lockouts to ensure time management.

Looking for something different?

Citadel is part of the Chronologic product family, which also includes:

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