Cloud-based attendance system

The most surprising advantage of your cloud-based attendance system

By now, we all know that cloud-based employee attendance systems are a huge force for positive change within any business, bringing with them a series of benefits. Cloud-based clocking systems offer enormous peace of mind for any employer, who can monitor quickly and effectively which members of staff are present, where they clocked in and how many hours they worked. It also enables a company to run far more cost effectively, with far less time spent wasted on admin and paperwork.

However, and this may genuinely come as a very pleasant surprise, it seems that there is another very significant advantage to this kind of method:

Your employees trust you more, not less

Yep, contrary to the belief that employees are extremely reluctant to adapt to this new method of attendance management because they view clocking in as something that only benefits the employer and are deeply suspicious that it serves mainly to cut payroll costs, it seems that workers are not only willing to take on board this change, they sometimes, and often through unions, are now actively demanding that systems such as Citadel by Chronologic be introduced.

Why? Well, there are few reasons.

  1. They feel less likely to be exploited.
    There can be no doubt over exactly how many hours they have worked, including overtime, and therefore exactly how much pay they are entitled to.
  2. It’s fairer, especially for the hard workers.
    Colleagues who repeatedly arrive late and leave early but get the same wage is a thing of the past, as a clocking system levels the field for all, increasing morale, especially amongst diligent workers.
  3. It creates a sense of belonging.
    Employees, especially those working at different sites or multiple locations can frequently feel disconnected, anonymous, and, sadly, quite unimportant. Loneliness and a lack of social connection leads to unhappy, unproductive, and often absent employees. Giving them use of the clocking in app offers a sense of belonging to a team, as well as of being seen, which many workers find reassuring.
  4. Their sensitive data is better protected.
    Workers generally welcome the knowledge that a cloud-based clocking system offers far greater security than having all their personal data, including salary, physically lying around in an HR or accounts department.
  5. All in all, it’s what you would call a win-win situation!

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