Web-based attendance

Monthly subscription

Web-based attendance is included with your subscription.

If you want to use web clocking in for your employees, you can sign-up online for an account right now!

You only pay £2.50 per employee per month (ex VAT).

To set up your Citadel account, click the button below and use the activation code DHAJ3 to create your account and start clocking.

Citadel account sign up

If you’ve decided to use web clocking only for your employees, you can sign up online for an account now. Click on the button, enter the activation code DHAJ3 to set up the account and pay – it’s that easy.

The web and smartphone clocking options are all set up from within your account; you assign the appropriate clocking option to each employee.

Via web clocking you can:

  • Record start times and end times
  • Track meals and rest periods
  • Set authorised IP locations for restricted clocking
  • Prevent overtime and unscheduled clocking with lockouts
  • Enable department transfers to allocate hours appropriately
  • Automatic integration of cloud policies
  • A simple login process for initial setup
  • And more

Remember – you can also combine web clocking with our smartphone app and biometric fingerprint clocking too.

To combine web clocking with the biometric fingerprint and/or RFID clocking, please purchase your OB3000 clocking terminals from the store.

To combine web clocking with the smartphone clocking, download the Citadel smartphone clocking app.

See full setup instructions via Citadel help.

Great value

£2.50 per employee* per month (ex VAT)

You only pay for employees live on the Citadel system – you don’t pay for archived employees.

*An employee is anyone who uses the system, whether to clock, as an admin or supervisor. 
Pricing example: if you have 25 employees, you only pay £62.50 (ex VAT) per month (plus the initial purchase cost of terminals). Smartphone and web clocking are free, you just pay monthly for the employees on the Citadel system.

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