Costco Citadel account sign up

£2.00 ex VAT (per employee per month)

With Citadel all your clockings, whether through the clocking terminal, web or smartphone are sent to your online cloud account. The online account is where you manage your system settings, your invoicing and billing details, and view and manage time cards, exports to payroll etc.

If you want to use web or smartphone clocking in for your employees you can sign up online for an account now (click the button below).

If you are buying terminals you can set up your account now or once you’ve received your terminals.

To set up your Citadel account now, click the button below and use the activation code D46BD to create your account and start clocking.

Citadel account sign up

OB2000 biometric and RFID clocking terminal

Citadel is an easy-to-use cost-effective cloud-based attendance system. Clock in using the OB2000 biometric fingerprint terminal, web and smartphone.

Please buy the terminals you need from the Costco website at the special Costco member price of £391.66 ex VAT. The OB2000 terminal has been designed to work exclusively with the Citadel cloud-based system. Once you’ve bought your terminals you will need to sign up for a Citadel monthly subscription for the terminals to function.

You can sign up online for an account now at the special Costco per employee a month price of £2.00 ex VAT. Click on the link and enter activation code D46BD, fill in your company information and payment details. Or you can sign up when you receive your terminals. Please ensure you use this code otherwise you won’t receive your special member price.

Getting started with Citadel is simple

  1. Purchase OB2000 clocking in terminals via the Costco website at the special member price of £391.66 ex VAT.
  2. Create your Citadel online account, click on the button above, (to get your special Costco member price don’t forget to use activation code D46BD).
  3. Fill in your company details and set up your monthly payment by debit or credit card, (you can stop and start your account at any time).
  4. When your Citadel terminals arrive follow the simple set-up wizard to get up and running.
  5. You’re ready to start collecting clocking data and saving time and money!

Our helpdesk team is there to help you and make sure everything works the way you want it to. They’ll also schedule a half hour free set up session if you need it.

> Return to the Costco website to take advantage of the special Citadel terminal price

Smartphone and web clocking

If you want to use web or smartphone clocking in for your employees, you can sign up online for an account now using activation code D46BD. Fill in your company information and payment details and you’re on your way! Once your account is set up, web and smartphone clocking options are set up in your online account by assigning the appropriate clocking options to each employee. Smartphone and web clocking are free – you only pay for staff on the system each month.

For smartphone clocking, your employees will need to download the free iPhone or Android clocking app which will let them clock in using their smartphone. You have an option to enable employees to clock offline using their smartphones if required.

To set up an online account click the button above and you’ll be taken to our fully secure partner website* to set up your Citadel account. Use activation code D46BD

Citadel features

The Citadel cloud-based attendance system offers secure, real time, accurate, cloud-based clocking, 24/7, 365 days a year.

  • You can add employee profile information like address details and payroll ID.
  • Choose from weekly, bi-weekly and monthly pay periods.
  • Keep on top of staff hours allocated to different jobs / departments with cost centre tracking.
  • Create your own multiple and complex overtime rules.
  • Set up multiple breaks paid or unpaid.
  • Add pay and other rules to individual departments.
  • Easy timecard management. Download data as a .CSV file for your payroll software or bureau.
  • The step-by-step set-up wizard makes getting started really straightforward.
  • Free 30 minute set-up session with the helpdesk team.
  • Dedicated UK-based helpdesk (part of your monthly subscription – not extra).

Full set-up instructions are given in Citadel online help.

Great value

£2.00/per employee a month (ex VAT) (Costco price)

You only pay for employees live on the Citadel system – you don’t pay for archived employees.

For example, if you have 25 employees clocking and two administrators managing the system you only pay £54.00 (ex VAT) per month. Smartphone and web clocking are free so you just pay monthly for the employees live on the system.

Administrators, supervisors and line managers with access to a Citadel online account and who use the system for managing timecards, reporting etc. are also charged at £2.00 per account user a month.

> Return to the Costco website to take advantage of the special Citadel terminal price

Any questions, just give us a call on 01761 410015 or click the chat button.

*The US developer of Citadel, our partner, Workwell Technologies manages the UK Citadel account management system on our behalf. NB: All UK Citadel system and payment support comes from our UK Citadel team.

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