Biometric fingerprint / RFID terminal

£449.00 ex VAT

The Citadel OB3000 biometric fingerprint terminal combines the latest biometric fingerprint technology with RFID and PIN clocking.

The slimline clocking terminal is easy-to-use and robust, making staff clocking fast and accurate 24/7.

This terminal includes a battery and store and forward capability for offline as well as online clocking.

To set up your Citadel account now,  click the button link and use the activation code DHAJ3 to create your account and start clocking.

Citadel account sign-up

Connected by LAN or Wi-Fi, the Citadel biometric fingerprint terminal delivers a powerful, plug and play solution to your workforce management needs. With offline clocking capabilities and an optional battery for portability, you can confidently take Citadel wherever the job demands.

  • Clock in and out securely with a fingerprint, RFID card or PIN.
  • Clock short breaks, meals and transfer departments via the terminal.
  • Stop buddy clocking, track lateness and report on department labour costs easily.

The cost of the first two Citadel OB3000 clocking in terminal connections is included in your monthly Citadel subscription. When you purchase more clocking in terminals you’ll be charged for additional clocking terminal connections at £10.00 per additional terminal per month each (ex VAT).

NB: A Citadel online account is required for the clocking terminals to function.

If you are using RFID swipe cards, don’t forget to add them to your basket.

Clocking options

As well as the OB3000 terminal you can also choose web and smartphone clocking.


If you’d like to find out more about the benefits of biometric clocking, how cloud-based clocking in software works or managing remote workers, visit our FAQ section.

Great value

£2.50 per employee* per month (ex VAT)

You only pay for employees live on the Citadel system – you don’t pay for archived employees.

*An employee is anyone who uses the system, whether to clock, as an admin or supervisor.
Pricing example: if you have 25 employees, you only pay £62.50 (ex VAT) per month (plus the initial purchase cost of terminals). Smartphone and web clocking are free, you just pay monthly for the employees on the Citadel system.

Get going with Citadel

  1. Choose how you want staff to clock (OB3000, web and smartphone).
  2. Buy your clocking terminal(s). Order before 11:00AM and they will normally be with you next working day (Mon-Fri) via UPS.
  3. Sign-up for your online account.
  4. There are easy set-up wizards to get you up and running online.
  5. Take advantage of your free 30 minute set-up session with one of the helpdesk team – we’ll call you to arrange a date and time.

Additional information

Weight1.6 kg
Dimensions11.5 × 6.5 × 3 cm

Large 7” capacitive touch screen
Fingerprint sensor
WiFi or LAN configuration
Battery back-up, lasts up to 5 hours (battery is included with the terminal)
Store and forward clockings if there\'s no internet connection
Comes with fixing bracket to secure it to a wall or other surface
Power cable
Ethernet cable
Lifetime warranty
NB: Requires a subscription to the Citadel time and attendance system