Reporting on your workforce

Reporting on your workforce

If you’ve decided to invest in a clocking in machine, or have one but not sure you’re getting the most from it, we have one question… Are you reporting on your workforce?

Tracking employee hours is only part of the possibilities of a clocking in or time and attendance system. The real value for businesses comes with what the software can automatically find from your data.

What you can do with your clocking data

The most common benefit from employee clocking data is reporting. With a Citadel system, you get reporting functionality as part of your account at no extra charge.

You can quickly see individual and department hours with the Clock Report. You can also easily view when and how your employees clocked, and includes details such as clock date, time, method, and more.

The second and most crucial report within Citadel is the Payroll Report. You can quickly view how much labour is costing you by employee or department. Best of, you can view data for current and previous pay periods using the date range field.

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