Overtime rules

Time and Attendance System overtime rules

Automated overtime rules are not always a given with a clocking system. Depending on the functionality, and price point, you could find yourself still manually adding pay rules to your timesheets.

So what would be the point of a T&A system then? None.

Citadel by Chronologic is designed for businesses that use a host of workforce contracts and types.

These blended businesses will have more pay rates and rules than traditional 9-5 firms and need a system that can accommodate them.

Calculating multiple overtime pay rates

No matter how complex your workforce rules are. Citadel offers unlimited overtime options. So you can set specific overtime policies for each type of contract and shift-type your employees might work.

When your Overtime Rules are assigned to an employee, it will automatically change the rate of pay for the hours they work.

You can set up Overtime pay for any employee and specify Weekly or Daily Overtime. There are also categories for Saturday, Sunday, and Seventh Day Overtime.

Why are overtime rules important?

Yes, you might have signed up for Citadel to simply track your employee’s hours.

However, if you set and assign the correct overtime rules to your employees, Citadel can automate payroll data, saving you time every pay period and eliminating human error.

It will also save you from an overpayment, and human errors.

Types of employee overtime rules

  • Compulsory overtime. An employees contract states they must do overtime.
  • Voluntary overtime. Employees are free to say yes or no.
  • Non-guaranteed overtime. Employees are not guaranteed overtime, but if asked they must comply.

Overtime policy

Software such as Citadel will provide full transparency for your employees. Meaning they can see exactly why they have the amount they have.

This transparency will squash pay disputes and nip any tribunal issues in the bud.

We suggest you also create an Overtime Policy Document to outline the process of requesting, approving, recording and payment of overtime.

Any overtime issues can then be referred to not only via the accurate employee clocking data but if it matches the policy.

Misuse of employee overtime

Another issue a clocking system can help combat is the misuse of employee time.

By this, we mean time theft. Working late when not authorised comes at a price to a business. However, with Citadel you can set time thresholds.

This means any unauthorised overtime stops at your specified time. And workers get paid for the hours they were supposed to work.

These rules called ’roundings and grace’ can also work when clocking in. To avoid workers being paid for the 15 minutes before work they take to make a cuppa and settle in for the day.

To find out how simple it is to set Overtime rules with Citadel, go to – https://help.citadeltime.co.uk/policies/overtime

Find out more about our clocking systems here.

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