Overtime rules

Overtime rules when clocking employees

Citadel by Chronologic was designed for businesses who use a host of workforce contracts and types. These blended businesses will have more pay rates and rules than tradition 9-5 firm and need a system that can accommodate them.

Calculating multiple overtime pay rates

No matter how complex your workforce rules are, Citadel offers unlimited overtime options, so you can set specific overtime policies for each type of contract and shift-type your employees might work.

When your Overtime Rules are assigned to an employee, it will automatically change the rate of pay for the hours they work.

You can set up Overtime pay for any employee and specify Weekly or Daily Overtime. There are also categories for Saturday, Sunday, and Seventh Day Overtime.

Why are overtime rules important?

Yes, you might have signed-up for Citadel to simply track your employee’s hours, however, if you set and assign the correct overtime rules to your employees, Citadel can automate payroll data, saving you time every pay period and eliminating human error.

To find out how simple it is to set Overtime rules with Citadel, go to – https://help.citadeltime.co.uk/policies/overtime/