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Cloud-based attendance systems offer a long list of benefits for any business and employer, but many people, especially those working on sites or at locations where signal coverage can be unpredictable, often voice a common worry: what happens if we’re offline when workers clock in? Does it mean we lose the data? Will it mess up payroll information if people don’t show up as having clocked in? If you’re using Citadel, the answers are no and no.

Yes, you may be very pleasantly surprised to learn that with Citadel, you don’t actually need to be online in order for your employees to clock in correctly. Thanks to a very useful function known as store and forward, so long as the terminal is powered up, you can take it to a site or place of work, employees can clock in, and when once you’re back online or have returned to your office, the data can be uploaded to the cloud portal accurately.

This feature is perfect for remote workers, or industries such as construction, which often involve working in poor-signal areas.

As each worker is allocated a home department (or site), you can also see at which site they clocked in and out. And even better, the data can be stored for up to a week! Meaning that you could, for whatever reason, find yourself offline for days but lose none of your vital data, which is especially important when it comes to calculating payroll.

In case you were wondering, the Citadel smartphone app also allows offline clocking. As an administrator, you can enable the unrestricted offline clocking function as and when needed, for selected employees. They cannot do this themselves. Whist this will allow them to clock in without data coverage or WIFI, it won’t, however register the employee’s location. But it still a great tool to have in your belt, should you need it.

Offline clocking is just one way a cloud-based attendance system such as Citadel can offer you peace of mind and help your business run more effectively. If you’d like to find out more, contact us for a free demo, send us an email or talk to one of our friendly support team.

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