Must-have Clocking software features

Must-have Clocking software features

If you’ve looked around at clocking software you’ll already have seen the host of business benefits the right system can bring. But have you looked deeper at what features a clocking software must-have?

Of course, the ‘must-have’ list can change drastically from business to business, based on your needs, but some core functionality will always stay the same.

Today we’re going to dive into the heart of what a good clicking system needs, in order to be worth your time and investment.

1) Compatibility

You already will be using business software to help ease your processes such as payroll, time tracking and more. Choose a clocking system that doesn’t involve you reinventing your business wheel.

You’ll also need to ensure it works across your operating systems, whether that be iOS, Windows, Android and more.

2) Useability

Investing in business software to help you and your management is great, but if you can’t understand it, what’s the point? Demo and trial the software you want to purchase, make sure you can understand and use the system and get the most from it from day one.

Our pro-tip – everything you want to see should be no more than three clicks away.

3) Support

No one likes to feel forgotten, and unfortunately in a sales-based world, this seems to be the case.

Research the clocking companies support team, what you get with your service and what will happen if something goes wrong. Make sure their hours will work with yours and if possible, get a UK-based support team (or contact) in case of emergency.

4) Options

Your business won’t stay the same, so why should your clocking needs? Choose clocking software that will give you options to clock how you need.

Clocking could happen via App, Biometric fingerprint, RFID, PIN or more. Whatever your preferred method, having a mix ‘n’ match approach will ensure your software and hardware doesn’t become outdated for your needs quickly.

Find out more about our clocking systems here.

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