Time theft

Manipulated timecards? It’s not so easy now…

Some people, in moments of nostalgia (or when they’re having computer problems), believe that clocking in and out used to be a much simpler process, and in a way, they’re right. Employees took their paper timecard, punched in at the start of their shift and punched out when they went home. But do you know what else was a lot easier back then? Time theft, by practices such as modifying timecards, changing the actual clock itself or punching in for a friend or colleague, otherwise known as buddy clocking.

Time theft is a massive headache for businesses. Sometimes it’s inadvertent, a simple human error like forgetting to clock out when a worker needs to leave early, so you end up paying them for the entire shift when they’ve only worked 4 out of 8 hours. Other times, it’s deliberate – even the nicest employees can, and do, fudge the truth every now and then, to cover up a lunch that went on way longer than it should or a late arrival due to sleeping in, for example. This was easy enough to pull off with a paper time card, but is considerably more challenging – in fact, almost impossible – with a modern clocking system, especially one that relies on biometrics such as fingerprints. A colleague can easily give you their time card to punch in; not, however, their finger!

This is just one of the reasons more and more companies have already made the switch over to a cloud-based time and attendance system. If you haven’t gone digital yet, but would like to talk through the benefits, we would love to show you how Citadel can transform the way you run your business, saving you time and money and offering peace of mind that your workforce data is up-to-date and your payroll information is correct.

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