Introducing time clocking

Introducing time clocking to your employees

Depending on your organisation’s structure and culture, introducing time clocking to your employees can come as a shock.

In our experience, employees often see this as a lack of trust or ‘spying’ tool, which it’s not. Only employees who are late often have anything to worry about with clocking systems. And the benefits to the business will help workers and employees alike.

So how can you introduce clocking in a sympathetic, yet non-optional way? How can you show these benefits and ease worry?

Here are our top tips to help:

1) Don’t send a mass email!

Explaining clearly in person why you are implementing a clocking system will show employees exactly why it’s needed and how it will help you all.

Go through the practical benefits, any security questions and direct benefits for them such as error-free payroll, transparency and more.

Remind your workers that with automated timecard data, any overtime etc. will never go unmissed by the system.

For any employees who push back, be clear that the system is about fairness for all. It’s about making sure everyone does their part so there is no extra strain on the team or business.

2) Show how much easier their lives will be

If they have to manually prove working hours, time off and more – it’s now done for them!

All they have to do is clock in and out using a fingerprint, App, PIN or swipe card and the data is there.

With the reporting features a clocking system offers, employee milestones flag. Events that could previously go unnoticed – such as 100% attendance etc.

3) Be honest

If the reason for a clocking system is due to lateness, unauthorised overtime and more, just be clear what is expected.

Employees cannot resent being expected to turn up for work on time. And if you make it clear that refusal to clock will result in pay docked or disciplinary action, then they know what to expect.

and finally…

4) Train them.

Expecting employees to figure out how to work the system will not work. On the first day, on top of system registration for each employee, spend 5 minutes showing them how to clock in and out, track breaks, use the App and more.

It won’t take long for the employees to pick up on how to use the system, and the more engagement and usage you have, the more likely it is to embed quickly into your working culture.

Find out more about our clocking systems here.

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