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If 9-5 is Dead, Now is The Time to CIock Employee Hours

Salesforce has become the latest company to announce that most of their employees will now be able to work remotely indefinitely under a new policy.

While announcing it, however, the company stated that the “9-to-5 workday is” dead. Dramatic!

Over the past year, many large companies across the globe have announced remote working for employees permanently, and where possible – it makes sense.

No more office rent, bills and infrastructure to worry about, employees no longer have to commute, and flexible working for parents is more attainable than ever.

But at some point, this work from home bubble will pop. For office workers who solely work a ‘normal’ 9-5 shift and have set responsibilities or goals, working from home is ideal.

However, for others, perhaps call centre staff, salespeople and more, it isn’t as simple as ‘work when you like’.

Employers need to be able to track results, see the cost of labour and have access to workforce data to make informed decisions about their business.

This is where a clocking system comes in

With a cloud-based clocking system, you could enable your employees to clock anywhere, at any time.

It wouldn’t matter when they started or stopped, but you would have reliable data to help with payroll and quantify their results.

A capable clocking system would enable employees to track their breaks and even change departments as they work.

Thanks to its cloud-based software, employers and managers could view the data in real-time and pull reports on attendance as needed, anywhere in the world.

With many clocking systems, you can even see exactly where employees are clocking and set parameters of where they should clock, so you know they are where they’re supposed to be.

Trial and error

We’re not saying that a clocking system will suddenly fix all the issues of those ‘grey area’ employees now working remotely.

However, it will give you more access and control than the ‘wait and see’ approach. If 20 years of workforce management experience has taught us one thing, it’s that people are different – what works for one, will no way work for another, so preparing your business to fit all eventualities is best.

If you then find that WFH is not viable for your business, you will have the proof for your workers and data to back up any findings in appraisals moving forward.

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