How to Make Your Employees Clock Their Hours

How to Make Your Employees Clock Their Hours

Where there’s a rule, people will try to break it. Yes, it’s annoying – but it’s life. People are people, and sometimes those rule breaks aren’t even intentional. We’ve all forgot to do something we were supposed to do now and then.

But how can we ensure that the occasional rule break doesn’t turn into a long-standing protest? Especially if your businesses payroll data is at stake?

Give. Them. No. Choice.

We’re not talking about torture here. Just elimination of the ways your clocking system rules can be bent.

When it comes to time tracking, this removal of blocks is surprisingly simple. For e.g.:

  • Have a clocking in and out system that can be abused (employees clock for others, no management overview…)?
    Replace it with a biometric clocking machine that will only recognise and clock individual biometrics (fingerprint, face, hand etc.)
  • Employees ignoring to clock in and out?
    Dock pay for every missed clock. This is the expense of admin needing to enter and check missed clockings
  • Employees refusing to use a biometric scanner?
    Use the free Citadel clocking App, or enable employees to clock via web or phone.
  • Employees working from home and not clocking correctly?
    Again – dock pay for continual missed clockings and use the geo-location features of Citadel to track employees are where they are meant to be when clocking.
  • Are employees off-site with no internet access?
    That’s no problem, the Citadel terminal and App both offer Offline clocking capabilities.

Clocking in culture shock

We understand that many employees may resent having to clock their hours or feel like their privacy is being invaded. Remember, how you pitch the system to users makes all the difference.

Citadel is not a spying device, it is a cloud-based system designed to help business workforces do better. It has a host of business benefits.

Single-handedly, Citadel can save your admin team time, meaning they can focus on your workforce needs, it can offer employees clearer transparency on pay, and give managers accurate labour cost reporting and much more.

Citadel is not about catching people out, but highlighting how together you can improve labour optimisation in your business.

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