How to improve time tracking for remote workers

Citadel is ideal for businesses who need to keep track of staff off-site.

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Remote worker attendance tracking

Businesses including construction, care, cleaning and facilities management with remote staff need time tracking for remote workers so they know their employees are where they should be and that they've fulfilled their contracted hours. Customers often tell us they trust most of their staff but there are always some that try to 'buck the system'. Being able to keep accurate track of staff off-site or on client sites is a top priority.  If there are unexpected clockings or no-shows, email alerts can be sent to managers and supervisors.

The Citadel time and attendance tracking system gives customers flexibility in terms of job tracking and unlimited break, and overtime rules which can be applied at individual as well as department and company level. You can also ensure that you stay compliant with current working time regulations.

Example 1
Agencies with staff on client sites can install the OB3000 clocking terminal on-site for the length of the contract (its simple then to take the terminal and set it up elsewhere). Staff can clock in and out on the client site and then move on to the next site and clock. The attendance system seamlessly tracks the employee through different clocking terminals.

You'll find using a biometric fingerprint clocking machine is more robust and accurate than for example barcode or QR code based systems and not open to buddy clocking.

Alternatively smartphone clocking with geolocation can be used. The employee is not physically able to clock until they are within the area they are expected to clock which is specified by you. The smartphone app doesn't track employees all the time during work hours (which could cause privacy and data issues especially if they are using their own phone), only when clocking in, out or on breaks..

Example 2
An events or hospitality company for might have staff undertaking different functions during an event. The Citadel system can keep track of staff hours and pay rates against individual jobs. The OB3000 unit doesn't have to be connected if there's little or no network available. The clocking data can be stored and then downloaded using WiFi or a network connection back at base.

Example 3
If you have a number of people working on remote sites with no network connection (or network connection is prohibited for security reasons). The OB3000 biometric fingerprint units can be taken out on site and employees clocked in and clocked out offline. The data can then be uploaded to your Citadel cloud account when a WiFi or network connection is available.

These are just a few ways in which the flexible Citadel system can be used to keep track of workers on remote sites.

However the data is collected, the Citadel attendance system then applies the pay and other rules you've specified automatically, simply review and export to your payroll software or bureau.

Getting started with Citadel remote attendance tracking

  1. Buy the OB3000 fingerprint clocking terminal/s you need from our store. If you order before 11:00AM Monday – Thursday you'll usually get them next day by courier.
  2. When your clocking terminals arrive, sign-up online for your Citadel cloud subscription and follow the simple set up wizard to create an account and add your clocking terminal /s.
  3. Alternatively if you want to smartphone clock, simply sign-up for a Citadel cloud account today.
  4. The support team will get in touch to arrange a free follow-up training session to make sure your Citadel attendance system is working the way you want it to.

The first two clocking in terminal connections are included in your monthly subscription, subsequent connections are £10 per terminal per month. All our clocking in terminals come with a lifetime warranty.

Any questions, or if you'd like to request a free online demo to see how clocking in with Citadel could work for you, call 01761 410015, email us or click the chat icon.

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