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Why are cloud-based attendance systems different to other attendance system software options?

Cloud-based attendance systems have a number of benefits over hosting software on your own servers managed in-house or programs loaded onto individual PCs.

  • The developer, in this case our partner Workwell Technologies, applies software updates on the server, you don't have to manage updates and different versions of the software. It's all done for you.
  • Typically SaaS means you can benefit from the most up-to-date technology at a fraction of the cost. Smaller businesses have access to software that previously only large businesses would have been able to afford.
  • You don't need to have IT expertise in-house to manage servers or software.
  • You don't have to pay extra for software upgrades, it's all part of your monthly or annual subscription.
  • Any authorised employee can access the Citadel system 24/7 wherever they are via the web, they aren't tied to a specific location or one standalone PC.

What does Software as a Service (SaaS) mean?

Put simply, rather than buying software outright, you pay a monthly or annual subscription to the vendor/developer to subscribe to their software service online. The software isn't installed on your PC or hosted on your business server, it's hosted by third parties, mainly in the cloud. For example the Citadel software sits on Amazon Web Services (AWS) webservers located in the UK.

Cloud-based means the software vendor/developer uses a cloud-hosted solution like Amazon Web Services (AWS) to host their software. This gives them the flexibility to scale up services quickly and deal with any sudden fluctuations in demand by re-routing to other servers with capacity available. It also means the developer can focus on managing their software rather than having to manage hosting services as well. So, when you log in to your Citadel account using your web browser you are accessing the Citadel software (SaaS) which is on a cloud-hosted platform.

Getting started with Citadel cloud-based attendance systems

  1. Buy the OB3000 fingerprint clocking terminal/s you need from our store. If you order before 11:00AM Monday – Thursday you’ll usually get them next day by courier.
  2. When your clocking terminals arrive, sign-up online for your Citadel cloud subscription and follow the simple set up wizard to create an account and add your clocking terminal /s.
  3. Alternatively if you want to smartphone clock, simply sign-up for a Citadel cloud account today.
  4. The support team will get in touch to arrange a free follow-up training session to make sure your Citadel attendance system is working the way you want it to.

The first two clocking in terminal connections for our cloud-based attendance systems are included in your monthly subscription, subsequent connections are £10 per terminal per month. All our clocking in terminals come with a lifetime warranty.

Any questions, or if you'd like to request a free online demo to see how clocking in with Citadel could work for you, call 01761 410015, email us or click the chat icon.

Any questions? Call us on 01761 410015 or fill in this form.