Time and Attendance with Citadel by Chronologic

Employee time and attendance made simple

Time and Attendance might seem like something you’d sit through in school, but in reality, it’s a vital part of business management that shouldn’t be dismissed.

Knowing when your employees are in, how long they work for – and importantly – when they are absent, will save you money and resources.

The Facts

Did you know an estimated 141.4 million working days were lost because of sickness or injury in the UK in 2018, the equivalent to 4.4 days per worker?

These lost days can become costly and crippling to small and medium business. This is due to the lack of workforce resources and time and effort in maintaining employee attendance sheets, payroll calculations and more.

Time and Attendance systems can help this strain by automating a huge chunk of these issues for a minimal investment per month.

Why Choose Citadel by Chronologic?

Our smart cloud-based clocking system works seamlessly for organisations of any size and has been designed especially for blended workforces.

A blended workforce is a business that doesn’t rely on one type of worker; you could have full time, part-time, shift workers, agency workers, freelancers or all the above. We know not every business is the same.

With Citadel you can:

  • Track your employee’s clocking times,
  • See absences,
  • Set unlimited overtime rules,
  • Lock employees out for breaks to comply with regulations,
  • Export CSV files for easy payroll
  • And much more.

Best of all – Time and Attendance through Citadel costs just £2.50 per month per employee. There’s no minimum contract, set up fees or investment in equipment needed.

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