Time and Attendance with Citadel by Chronologic

Employee Time and Attendance

Employee Time and Attendance might seem like something you’d sit through in school. But in reality, it’s a vital part of business management that shouldn’t be dismissed.

Knowing when your employees are in, how long they work for – and importantly – when they are absent, will save you money and resources.

Many businesses have already discovered the business benefits of investing in employee time and attendance software. But if you haven’t – this post is for you!

Why Every Business Needs Employee Time and Attendance Software

According to a 2017 SHRM survey, employee time theft costs U.S. employers an estimated $500 billion annually or about 5 per cent of payroll costs.

Some employee time theft is purposeful and malicious—employees lying about their whereabouts or clocking in for co-workers.

But there are plenty of instances where employees honestly don’t realize they’re committing time theft

The most common form of employee time theft is something called buddy punching, where an employee punches in for another worker who’s running late or taking a break from his job site to get some food or go to the bathroom.

Those small errors add up over time and create thousands of pounds worth of lost productivity for every company that suffers from them.

A time and attendance system will not only help companies monitor employee hours, but they also send alerts when an employee has extended absences or arrives late to work.

How T&A software will help your business

In today’s fast-paced business environment, your employees need to be able to seamlessly enter and leave when they need to. In addition, time off requests must be processed quickly.

Clocking software makes it easy for your company to keep track of all time-sensitive information.

It will also benefit you in ways such as more efficient payroll processing, improved employee satisfaction, and greater accuracy with hours reported to clients and customers.

In short. A Time and attendance system will save your business time, money and resources.

Why Choose Citadel by Chronologic?

Citadel is an employee time tracking system that can help you streamline your business processes, save money, make payroll easier, reduce manual errors, and help create a safer work environment.

After all, if you don’t know who’s in, how will you know who to look for in a fire drill?

Our smart cloud-based clocking system works seamlessly for organisations of any size and has been designed especially for blended workforces.

A blended workforce is a business that doesn’t rely on one type of worker; you could have full time, part-time, shift workers, agency workers, freelancers or all the above. We know not every business is the same.

With Citadel you can:

  • Track your employee’s clocking times
  • See absences
  • Set unlimited overtime rules
  • Lock employees out for breaks to comply with regulations
  • Export CSV files for easy payroll
  • And much more.

Best of all – Time and Attendance through Citadel costs just £2.50 per month per employee. There’s no minimum contract, set up fees or investment in equipment needed.

Whether you are a small business owner or a Fortune 500 executive, stop wasting money and invest in an employee Time and attendance system today!

Find out more about our clocking systems here.

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