RFID clock in system

Proximity clocking in machine option.

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RFID clock in system

RFID swipe clocking in cards

The Citadel by Chronologic RFID clock in system terminal has biometric fingerprint, RFID and Pin clocking, so you can choose how you want your workforce to clock.

If your workforce needs a no-touch clocking option, you can purchase RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) cards designed to work with the Citadel Cloud Account.

RFID cards enable your employees to swipe in and out as well as transfer departments, take a break and more.

With RFID cards, there is no terminal enrolment process, just hand your employees a card, and they can clock.

Access to the Citadel App and Web-Based clocking is included in all Citadel subscriptions. Free setup and a lifetime guarantee on terminals is also included at no extra cost.

Benefits of RFID clock in system:

  • Sanitary due to the non-touch element
  • Efficient when it comes to sheer numbers of employees
  • Easy to carry - credit card-sized
  • Can be used as identification, once printed on and attached to a lanyard
  • No need to remember long or complicated numbers and codes
  • No terminal enrolment process