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Employee hour tracking via their smartphone.

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employee time app

Clock in and out app

The Citadel employee time clock app comes free with all Citadel subscriptions and enables you to allow employee clocking wherever they work.

The App tracks time and attendance for your entire workforce easily, and thanks to the flexibility of an app, each employee can have their own clocking device – avoiding clocking delays and health and safety hygiene issues.

The Citadel app allows employees to clock in and out, record breaks and transfer department.

Clocking via an App is vital for businesses who allow employees to work from home, or on the go.

Thanks to the geolocation feature, you can see where your employees are clocking, and you can restrict where they can clock from to ensure they are always in the right place. The App doesn’t track your employees through the day; it merely geolocates them at point of clock.

Best of all, employees clocking from remote locations can record clocking data when no signal is available, and the App will automatically upload the data to the Citadel cloud when a connection is made.

With your Citadel by Chronologic subscription, you'll also enjoy access to our UK based support, online help portal and more.

Benefits of App Clocking:

  • Provides real-time clocking data to mangers
  • Offline clocking in areas of no internet connectivity
  • Geolocation – You know where they are clocking
  • Quick and easy process
  • Every employee has their own clocking device