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Biometric clock in system

Biometric clocking in machine

The Citadel biometric clock in system units are designed to work exclusively with Citadel by Chronologic software – specialist software created to help you track your blended workforce.

Whether you have full time, part-time, shift workers, agency workers, freelancers or all of the above, the OB3000 clocking terminal can work for you.

The unit has a biometric fingerprint, RFID and Pin clocking, so you can choose how you want your workforce to track their Time and Attendance.

Biometric clocks can help stop issues such as buddy clocking and lateness, and access to the Citadel App and Web-Based clocking come with all subscriptions.

Thanks to the sleek touch screen display, the clocking unit is simple to use, and you can begin tracking your employee’s hours from day one. No technical knowledge is needed, and all system training is provided at no extra cost.

Included with your subscription you'll also enjoy free setup; free updates and a lifetime guarantee on terminals.

Best of all, because of the units store and forward and battery back-up features, you have location flexibility – meaning you can use the terminal on worksites without an internet connection, then upload the clocking data later.

Fingerprint scanning takes less than a second on average, and you can see how easy it is to register your employee fingerprints to the Citadel Biometric Clock unit, here.

Benefits of Biometric Clock in systems:

  • Providing real-time clocking data to managers
  • Offline clocking using store and forward
  • Clocking with no power
  • Stopping employees clocking in for others
  • No ongoing cost of clocking cards or fobs
  • No more missed clockings due to lost or forgotten card or fob