Clocking systems for Citadel by Chronologic

Use biometric fingerprint, RFID card, smartphone app and more!

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Our cloud-based clocking systems

It's not enough to just have the right features for your business - you also need the right clocking systems to ensure your employees adopt their new working process.

Our employee time clock software methods meet the needs of onsite & offsite employees, so whether you're clocking from home, an office, care facility, construction site, cafe, or other, your employee hours are all easily tracked and recorded.

We offer a clocking in machine that can be used to track employees via biometric fingerprints, RFID cards and PIN, as well as smartphone app and web clocking.

Any form our clocking options can be used to collect your clocking data, giving you and your employees ultimate flexibility. Thanks to our low price of roughly 8p per day, per employee, Citadel is the perfect time clock for small businesses.

If that's not enough, the Citadel clocking system was voted 3.9/4 for ease of use. You also don't need to worry about memory ties to the system clock - your data is all in the cloud.

Biometric fingerprint clocking option

Biometric fingerprint clocking

Our biometric fingerprint clocking in machine is a simple and effective way to stop employee buddy clocking. With the terminal you can also enable contactless clocking.

RFID swipe card clocking option

RFID clocking in cards

Contactless proximity smart cards (RFID), neither card or terminal will be affected by dust or residue from the workers or working environment.

Web clocking

Web clocking

Web-based time and attendance tracking is an easy way for staff to clock in from the office or at home.

Phone app clocking option

Phone clocking in app

Track employees working from home, on remote sites, or when they're on the move, with Android or iPhone smartphone app.