Clocking In with Citadel-by Chronologic

Clocking in with Citadel track your employee’s hours simply and efficiently

If you’re here, you’ve decided you want to start clocking in your employees Time and Attendance, but you’re not sure the best way to do it.

There are a host of options available on the market, but knowing which one will not only fit you but your employees best can be tricky. If you have a blended workforce, you need to consider how and where employees clock in, what equipment they need to have to be able to do this, and what tools or features you want with your clocking software.

Why Choose Citadel by Chronologic?

Citadel by Chronologic can help answer all your needs, as unlike other clocking systems, we allow employees to mix’n’match how they clock.

This means if you have:

  • Freelancers who only need to clock occasionally,
  • People off-site,
  • People working in different locations,
  • Set workers in the same office everyday
  • Or more

They can choose how they clock in that best fits their needs – via terminal, app, tablet, or the web.

Clocking Options

With the Citadel by Chronologic terminal you can get employees to clock via fingerprint or contactless RFID cards. The unit can be fixed to a set place, to be sure employees are clocking in on time, and the terminal can also be used as a portable clocking option thanks to its offline clocking and battery back-up features.

With a tablet or computer, employees can clock on the go, transfer departments, and track their breaks, absences and more.

With the free Citadel smartphone app, employees can clock in and out, transfer departments, clock for breaks and view timecards.

If that’s not enough – Citadel by Chronologic not only enables you to track employees but see the cost of your workforce with handy reports by individual or department.

Find out more about our clocking systems here.

Any questions, or if you’d like to request a free online demo to see how clocking in with Citadel could work for you, call 01761 410015, email us or click the chat icon.