Clocking In Benefits

Clocking In Benefits

Clocking in has transformed vastly over the past 15 years, and now the benefits for businesses is more than just ‘keeping track of hours’.

Unlike times of old, clocking in doesn’t need to mean a piece of card punched in and out. Old tech like this was found to take employers twice as long to collate the data and could be full of mistakes.

With Citadel and other Cloud-Based clocking systems (uAttend), employees’ hours can be tracked via App, Web or terminal (RFID, PIN or fingerprint).

These methods don’t just track the employee’s hours, but can:

  • Track their location (so you know they are whey they are supposed to be)
  • Automatically fill timecards (for simple Payroll Data)
  • Flag absence or lateness
  • Enable businesses to track the cost of labour by department
  • Automatically apply pay rules, overtime rates and more

One of the main business benefits is eliminating buddy clocking. Buddy clocking not only drains company profits but ensures all workers are getting paid for the time they actually work.

You can also email timecards to employees and other supervisors, so when you’re ready to run payroll, you know the data is 100% accurate—minimising payroll queries and over/underpayments.

The bottom line

Clocking in with Citadel can save you time and money and allow you to focus your energy on where your business is genuinely growing. All for just £2.50 per month!

Find out more about our clocking systems here.

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