Clocking cases - Skipping work for fifteen years

Clocking cases – Skipping work for fifteen years

Fifteen years is a very long time. In the case of an Italian civil servant, long enough to earn €538,000 (£464,000) for effectively doing nothing.

During this time frame several employees will have come and gone, possible new payroll systems, HR departments and more. Each of these will have had to sign off monthly payments without ever checking working hours. A huge oversight, or something more sinister?

What happened?

During a recent crackdown in Italian Civil Servant absenteeism, a worker was found to have stopped turning up to his job in 2005.

The man had earned over £400,000 during his time off. And had slipped through a host of employee checks, including HR, Payroll and Management.

The worker, who was an employee at Ciaccio Hospital in the southern city of Catanzaro, is now under investigation for fraud and abuse of office.

Six managers at the hospital are also being investigated alongside allegations of managers being threatened and extorted.

Despite the allegations, the facts still stand that several of the employees involved have since retired. And the absence went unchecked by several business departments.

The lesson learnt:

With a Citadel system, or any other time and attendance software, employees are not paid unless they physically clock in and out.

If working remotely, employees can clock via browser or app. Employers can track their location as well as parameters set of where employees can clock from.

By not equipping a time and attendance system, the hospital left employee hours based purely on trust. Which can result in both fraud and human error.

For the HR department, using a reporting tool based on the true hours worked will have also flagged employees whose absenteeism doesn’t meet their businesses standards. And will give the business the clear paperwork needed to back up any disciplinary action taken.

Unlike manual paperwork, a T&A system is also digital and most likely cloud-based, meaning there is no block between departments and information is open to anyone with the correct clearance.


Find out more about our clocking systems here.

Find out more about our clocking systems here.

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