Clocking Cases

Clocking Cases – No Show for 15 years?!

When you begin a new job, making sure you get a good amount of holiday allowance is a must. And sometimes, you can even work with unions to argue better time off entitlement for you.

But what if this holiday allowance is never formally agreed, and so you are the only one taking it?

Would you take your colleagues allowance too?

What happened?

Two civil servants in the roles of a driver and gardener in southern Spain stayed on the payroll while not going to work for a period of up to 15 years!

The exact amount of time paid for 0 work is unclear. The HR department of Jerez de la Frontera discovered that at least one full year had gone without a single day of work.

Once caught, the involved admitted in a written statement that the situation could date back as far as 15 years.

The two men, who were members of the General Confederation of Labour union, argue that they were simply taking off their “accumulated days” and sharing those of other employees.

The town denies that this accumulated holiday plan was part of a “tacit agreement”. It has ordered the men to return to work or relinquish their positions.

The lesson learnt

With a clocking system, the two men would have been found out within days, if not a day, of the plan.

Using a Biometric fingerprint scanner, workers must physically be onsite to clock in. With phone or app clocking, employees can track the worker’s geolocation to ensure they are where they say they are.

When workers do not show, this is flagged in the Citadel system. Admin then has the chance to manually add or remove clocking and raise issues like a no-show to work.


You can enable Citadel clocking for your employees for just £2.50 per month/ 8p per day.

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