RFID Enabled

Citadel RFID Clocking

RFID Contactless Clocking

Understandably, contactless clocking is a massive topic in today’s business world. And RFID is arguably the simplest way to achieve this.

The Citadel system terminal already has RFID clocking built-in as standard, so no need to buy another terminal!


RFID cards enable your employees to swipe in and out as well as transfer departments, take a break and more, without touching the terminal.

Employees simply need to walk up to the unit, hold their RFID enabled card near it, and the machine will automatically clock them. You will hear a noise to confirm clocking.

Clock quickly and hygienically with RFID

RFID cards are easy to carry and clean, as they are credit card-sized. Best of all, there is no terminal enrolment process, just hand your employees a card, and they can clock.

RFID also means that high traffic clocking areas are cleared quickly, as employees can pass through without the need to log their biometrics and sanitise the terminal after use.

Find out more about our clocking systems here.

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