Citadel clocking system terminal

Citadel clocking terminal

Since the beginning of coronavirus, we’ve thought long and hard about ways that Citadel can ensure employees are as safe as possible when clocking with the Citadel terminal.

Before the pandemic, the most important thing to consider when choosing a clocking in machine was adoptability.

Is it easy for your staff to use? Is it quick? Will they like it?

Now, you need to think not only about productivity but safety.

One step ahead

Due to the fact that many of our customers work in hygiene sensitive areas – such as kitchens or factories, Citadel offers both touch and RFID clocking with our terminal.

Having the option of both is best in our opinion, as you’re prepared for whatever the future throws at you! (Fingers crossed no more viruses)

Our touch option is a Biometric Fingerprint Scanner. This scanner reads unique patters in your employee’s fingerprints to clock them in or out. Traditionally fingerprint has been one of our most popular functions, as it completely eliminates buddy clocking and ensures your employees are physically onsite.

If you have a small team, options to clean the terminal between uses are possible, and you can see how to do this – here.

For anyone looking for a card clocking option, we also offer RFID clocking on the Citadel terminal. With proximity smart cards (RFID) that can be used to clock in, clock out or transfer departments.

Best of all, because of the Citadel terminals store and forward and battery back-up features, you have location flexibility – meaning you can use the terminal on worksites without an internet connection, then upload the clocking data later.

Other clocking options include web-based time and attendance tracking and clocking in with an Android or iPhone device via our Citadel smartphone app.

Find out more about our clocking systems here.

Any questions, or if you’d like to request a free online demo to see how clocking in with Citadel could work for you, call 01761 410015, email us or click the chat icon.