Can clocking your employees drive business growth?

Providing methods for employees to clock in and out isn’t just a penny pushing task; employee clocking software has been proven to drive business growth in several ways including saving time, resources and improving employee productivity.

Luckily, we’re going to outline our favourite ‘growth driving’ functionality right here, so that you know exactly how a clocking system like Citadel can help your business thrive.

1) Managing your resources & making accurate projections

Let’s say you have a set number of services or product you need to provide to a client each month. You’ve hired enough people to cover this but aren’t sure exactly how long each part of the process takes or costs you. As long as it’s being done, and you’re in profit it doesn’t matter, right?

Wrong. If you know exactly how many employees you need for each part of the job, how long it takes and how much it costs you in labour, you can begin forecasting for more clients, how much you can make through expansion, or by consolidating business units.

The data all comes directly from your clocking machine, which tracks your employee hours or time spent in departments – so it’s accurate and reliable insight.

2) Minimising costs for admin and payroll

Chances are, your payroll executive or bookkeeper is on a higher wage than your labour.

So, making the payroll or admin tasks more arduous than they need to be makes 0 sense.

With a clocking machine, your payroll data can be exported and sent directly to your payroll bureau for a final check. Data has been gathered by your employee’s clocking times and pay rules such as overtime or breaks have been automatically added or deducted.

The time and money you save on back-office work could be used to upscale your workers, meaning you can expand or even diversify your business.

3) Real-time insight into your decisions

Depending on your clocking system, you can take advantage of reporting functionality.

This tool uses your data and displays it in an easy-to-use format for you to see and analyse.

Citadel reports include absence, cost centres, labour costs and more.

Best of all, all data is reported in real-time, so if you change things around, you can see how much those changes are costing you compared to yesterday.


All of today’s points have been based around the insight and management perspective to drive business growth, if you would like more info on how clocking employees can help workers in your operations, click here.

Find out more about our clocking systems here.

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