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Effectively managing your resources

With businesses struggling to keep up in today's competitive economy, effectively managing your resources is more critical than ever.

Thanks to the ability to create unlimited working hour patterns, endless overtime rules and forced breaks to ensure regulations are met, Citadel can save you time and money, meaning you focus your energy on where your business is truly growing and not admin.

The software is cloud-based, which means there’s no software to install and you'll have peace of mind knowing your clocking data is stored 24/7 with 99.999% availability.

One of the main business benefits is eliminating buddy clocking. Buddy clocking not only drains company profits, it also undermines the hard working employees who see other workers getting paid the same for less work.

Through your Citadel account, you will be able to:

Simplify payroll

Create and manage as many rules as you need for overtime, breaks and pay codes, apply them to individual employees or whole departments - then let Citadel do the work!

You can view and edit employee timecards at any time, and once you're happy, it's easy to export the data to a CSV file for payroll input - meaning less time spent on admin.

Track clocking in

Whether you choose to clock via our app, web browser, terminal (or a mix of all three), tracking employee hours has never been simpler.

If you choose our clocking terminal (which enables Fingerprint, RFID and PIN clocking), you'll benefit from our 'store and forward' and 'battery back-up' features, meaning you can continue to clock employees on remote sites without internet or power for up to 5 hours. The terminal will hold the data and send it to your cloud account once connected to the internet, either by Wi-Fi or LAN.

Enable effortless management

As well as setting payment rules, you can email timecards to employees and other supervisors to check. You can also manage employee permissions for online Citadel accounts.​

If that isn't enough, Citadel works as a single secure place to store staff contact details if needed and you can set weekly, bi-weekly or monthly pay periods.

Why Citadel by Chronologic?

Easy set-up

Just follow the instructions and start clocking on day one. Our set-up wizard makes getting up and running quick and easy.

Online training session

We'll also arrange a free UK-based online training session with you to check everything is working the way you want it to – we'll even record the session and send it to you, so you can show others as needed.


Citadel is a scalable system, with no contract or hidden fees. Whether you have full-time, shift workers or seasonal workers, you can scale your account as needed.​