Blended workforce

Blended workforce tracking

What is a blended workforce?

According to HR Zone (, a blended workforce combines a variety of employees on different contracts, including permanent full-time staff, part-time, temporary workers, contractors, and freelancers.

Blended, variable, however you describe your workforce, being able to keep track of exactly how many hours people are working and how much each department is costing you in labour, shouldn’t be a struggle.

This is what Citadel by Chronologic has been designed for. With a Citadel system, you can track and report on multiple types of workers and their pay codes and overtime rules will be automatically added – saving admin hours every month.

Why is tracking a blended workforce difficult?

Not only will a blended workforce not always work from the same location, but a blended workforce often has different shifts, patterns and pay. This means time and attendance systems find it harder to apply rules and accurately create payroll data.

Often time and attendance systems include a limited number of overtime rules or pay codes that can be applied to workers. So, if you have 6 or 7 types of workers including night shifts, flextime and more – you can’t use the same pay or rules for them all.

What tools does Citadel have to help track a blended workforce?

Citadel has unlimited pay rules and overtime codes, meaning no matter how many variations your workforce has, you can sleep easy knowing Citadel will allocate the correct rate, to the right people when tracking their hours.

This speeds up the payroll process as the data is ready to go, correct and checkable easily.

You can also clock into Citadel using a Citadel terminal, which is 100% portable and can work online or offline, as well as via the Citadel clocking App. The Citadel App comes free with all subscriptions and enables your employees to track their hours and clock on the go.

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