Are Clocking in Systems Eco-friendly?

Are Clocking in Systems Eco-friendly?

As the world searches for more ways to create more eco-friendly environments, are Clocking in Systems Eco-friendly? is a question that many businesses are asking themselves. And it’s a great thing to ask.

Paper Timesheets

We can all agree that paper timesheets are clunky and create massive amounts of work, with hours spent counting, inputting and double checking.

Did you know that clocking in systems can reduce the amount of paper a business uses? All the data is stored and held in the cloud. By reducing paper consumption, you can:

  • reduce your impact on forests
  • cut energy use and climate change emissions
  • limit water, air and other pollution
  • produce less waste
  • help lessen the social impacts and human rights abuses linked to paper production

All the above can help the environment whilst also getting more accurate times using the Citadel clocking-in App. Real time clocking statuses for evacuation purposes and pinpointed clocking locations are also among the benefits.

The meaning of eco-friendly is “not harmful to the environment”. Looking at the list above, I would say that clocking in systems definitely has eco-friendly qualities over its long-time enemy – Paper Timesheets.

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