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We deliver market-leading time and attendance software solutions.

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We're Chronologic

We've been in the UK time and attendance software business for over 20 years.

We offer two of the leading cloud-based attendance software solutions, Citadel and uAttend, both designed for UK businesses with straightforward clocking requirements.

For businesses with more complex clocking needs, the Chronologic Workforce Management System handles complex pay rates, scheduling, HR information management, holiday and other absence management tracking and reporting.

uAttend attendance software

In 2011 we launched uAttend attendance software in partnership with the developers, US software house Workwell™ Technologies. uAttend is a simple cost-effective cloud-based attendance system which accurately tracks time and attendance using a range of uAttend biometric fingerprint and facial recognition terminals, RFID swipe card and fob clocking terminals as well as web, phone and smartphone clocking.

Citadel employee clocking system

Citadel launched in the UK in 2019, and is also developed by our US software partners Workwell™ Technologies. Citadel is a new generation cloud-based clocking system. Citadel extends the functionality of the uAttend attendance system to include employee information like address details and payroll ID, and can deal with multiple pay, overtime and break rules.

The new generation Citadel terminal combines both biometric and RFID clocking functionality in one slimline unit, the OB3000. The Citadel clocking terminal also includes the ability to store and forward clockings where there is no site connectivity available, and comes with the added security of battery back-up.

All our software is supported by our friendly UK-based helpdesk.

If you'd like to find out more about our range of time and attendance software solutions, call 01761 410015, email or visit the Chronologic website

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Citadel time and attendance

The flexible cloud-based attendance solution - OB3000 biometric fingerprint, RFID and PIN clocking terminal. Web and smartphone clocking in.