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We deliver market-leading time and attendance software solutions.

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We're Citadel by Chronologic

With over 20 years of workforce technology experience behind us, we spotted a real need for software designed for variable workforces in the UK, and so Citadel by Chronologic was born.

Working with our US software partner, Workwell™ Technologies, Citadel launched in the UK in 2019 and has been helping businesses save time, money and resources ever since.

Citadel is proven to support your real-life business demands, maximise employee performance and boost workforce satisfaction. Most importantly, Citadel gives you the freedom to create unlimited overtime rules, pay codes and forced breaks for employee regulations.

We worked hard to ensure your employees can clock in a number of ways via terminal (contactless or fingerprint), by phone (smartphone app) or by web (with any internet-connected device). So, wherever your business needs to go, your employees can be measured.

As well as functionality, a huge part of our long-held success is due to the three core values we operate by:


  • Proactive investment in market-driven product development.
  • Continuous evolution of products based on customer feedback.
  • Training in the latest support and sales methods to make a real difference to the way your business operates.


  • Treating our staff and customers the same way - with honesty and respect.
  • Detailing what you buy at every step, so we ensure no one that buys from us is surprised or disappointed.
  • Clear, non-technical jargon support, to guarantee that you can be fully in control of your system and use it to provide maximum benefits for your company.


  • We take care of your cybersecurity and data, following the latest processes and regulations.
  • We've invested in top-spec on-premise servers with stateful protection so we can keep data secure and safe.
  • Citadel by Chronologic is a cloud-based system, meaning you'll have 99.999% availability at all times.

These values are upheld for the lifetime of your system – not just when you first buy it.

About Chronologic

We deliver market-leading time and attendance software solutions.

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