3 reasons to use biometric-enabled clocking software

3 reasons to use biometric-enabled clocking software

Biometric clocking in technology is on the rise, whether you use it for education, security, or leisure.

Most of us use biometric technology daily – via our smartphone (facial recognition or fingerprint) and the smooth transition to get into our devices means no more passwords for us and enhanced security. Win-win.

So, if most users have accepted biometric technology and its ease of use, it’s only logical that businesses transfer these benefits into their workplace via a biometric clocking in machine.

How can biometric technology help you?

1. Ensure the privacy of your workers

Timecards and paper-based documentation can be lost, and emails can be read by unauthorised people if logged onto a shared computer.

Only a digital method of clocking your employee data ensures privacy for user and employer alike. You choose who can see your employees working hours, payroll exportable data, reports and more. No more paper clocking cards.

Furthermore, a biometric Time and Attendance system doesn’t store the details of your employee’s fingerprint, but the key data points within a fingerprint.

2. Employees will always be able to clock in

You can lose fobs, cards and forget PINS – but a fingerprint is something much harder to lose.

And even if you do lose a digit (we very much hope not!)- you have 9 more to clock with.

3. Stop time theft

Time theft can come in many forms; clocking in early or late, asking friends to clock in for you before you arrive, forging time spent working and more.

With a biometric time clock, you can eliminate the majority of time thefts and only pay employees for the hours they work.

After all, employees need to be on-premise to clock, friends can’t clock for you if you have a different fingerprint (everyone does).

Moreover, employers can also use the data collected by your clocking machine to spot any unauthorised overtime or absence and amend pay correctly.

More reasons:

Most importantly, we believe investing in a biometric employee clocking system will have a positive effect on your business as a whole.

Employees will have transparent pay, absence and lateness will reduce due to the monitoring effect, and as a result, you will save time, money and resources.

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